A Guide to the Best iPhone Cases

IPhones are a big part of our lives today and you see them almost everywhere you go. But one thing you see a lot of is many people using their iPhones without cases on them. This is a big issue considering how fragile iPhones can be due to the glass scream and glass slated back. Most people would say that they don’t need a case because but they don’t mind sporting the best iphone cases.

But they don’t think about how there may be a time where they let a not so careful friend or family member hold their phones. They don’t think about how it only takes one simple second for a iPhone to slip out of their hands and drop to the ground below. Your iPhone can fall into many things such as snow and dirt; but the structure of the phone will not protect your iPhone from not suffering damage. Their is a safer alternative than letting your phone fall into something, letting something spill on it, or letting your iPhone drop unprotected.

The simplest way to keep your iPhone safe without spending your money on expensive insurance is by getting a iPhone case, a great iPhone case. Cases keeps your phone safe while they can also be fashionable. They are non-complicated and cheaper than buying insurance from your phone company.

There are many cases out there that will keep your iPhone safe and also fashionable. Cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes and colors and decorations. Some of these cases can be very expensive or inexpensive, but it can be hard to find the one that is perfect for you. You can take many steps to ensure that you buy the right case.

There are many things you can consider when buying an iPhone case; first you have to state your facts about how you are going to use your iPhone. Are you going to use it in a pool, outside, at a restaurant, or just indoors? Secondly, you have to think about how much weight you want on your phone, some cases can be very bulky and hard to fit in certain purses, bags, or pockets. Thirdly, you have to think about how much you would like to spend on your iPhone case; iPhone cases can range anywhere from $20 to a hundred dollars.

LifeProof Case

A great case for iPhones is the LifeProof case, they come in a variety of colors and are very handy. You can do almost anything with your iPhone with the LifeProof case. This case is waterproof, so if you like to take underwater pictures with your iPhone this is the case for you. The exterior of the iPhone is tightly packed so no water can exceed through.

The LifeProof case can also lock out dirt and snow, so it’s ok if you drop it while gardening or while you’re snowboarding on Mammoth Mountain. This case can withstand any destruction you can bring it even the occasionally drop to concrete or extreme fall.

Even though the LifeProof case is excellent there are certain disadvantages to it. It is a highly expensive case, and can run almost to hundred dollars depending on how much shipping and tax is in your area. The case is also slightly bulky so it doesn’t fit in as many areas such as certain pockets and bags. Another disadvantage is that you will have to buy extra stuff for it depending on how much you use your iPhone. For example if you like to use your iPhone in a car or on a bike for navigation and currently use a mount for it you will have to buy a whole new one, because since the case is slightly bulky it can not fit in the average iPhone mount.


Another great case is the Boostcase. The Boostcase is an excellent quality case and comes in lots of designs ranging from solid colors to designs and patterns. Celebrities everywhere are using this case simply because of how stylish they are. The Boostcase is not just stylish though, it can also make your battery life longer. If you like to use your iPhone long but hate the hassle of bringing your charger everywhere this is the case for you.

This case is also very thin so you can carry it where ever you want. This case has pretty good protection but not has much as a the LifeProof case, so you can not drop it in water, or snow without expecting some type of damage.

Depending on what type of design you want for your iPhone, this case can range from $40 to $80. This company also has lots of accessories that you can buy for the case if you want to be even more stylish but they can be very pricey if you go overboard. Boostcase also gives protection for your phone but depending how much protection you want you might need to buy accessories for it to get the protection you want.

Incipio Stowaway Case

Incipio stowaway credit card case is an extraordinary case. It is an iPhone case that you can store your credit cards in, this is fantastic if you don’t like to carry a lot of stuff on you. You can fit money and coins in it too. It also has a handy stand that you can use if you like to watch videos without holding your phone up with your hands. It offers protection without being overbearingly bulky or heavy.

This case is also affordable, at around $40, they also have cheaper models that work just as well. The protection on this case is pretty good, but it doesn’t protect as much as a case like the LifeProof case, so it does not protect against stuff like rain, snow, dirt, or water.
Otterbox Cases

Otterbox is a company that sells outstanding iPhone cases. They have many different type of cases. They have made a defender series, commuter series, reflex series, armor series, prefix series, impact series, and a pursuit series case. The top seller last year was Otterbox iPhone 4, and the defender series took first place.

This case can be extremely pricey depending on which one you want. If you want minimum protection then you should get the reflex series case, which is only priced in the mid thirties: but if you want the maximum protection, which includes crush and 10 feet drop protection, then the armor case is definitely for you.

Griffin Survivor Series Case

The Survivor series case by Griffin is an amazing case. It can protect against water, dirt, shock, dust, and debris. It even has a protection layer for the screen against scratches. There is a clip on the back so it is able to be clipped on to a backpack or strap, the clip can also convert into a stand so you can easily watch videos on a hard surface. This case is very similar to the LifeProof case, but it’s thicker than the LifeProof case meaning you will also have to buy extra accessories for it too.

The Survivor case is very effective way to protect your phone from everyday things, without being to expensive. Even though it’s very bulky it’s worth it if you really want to keep your phone safe, without paying a whole lot to do it. This is the case for you if you like to do extreme sports and want to be able to record or take pictures of yourself while doing it.

Case Mate Cases

Case Mate makes excellent quality cases, they have very trendy designs. They also make cases that are designed to keep your iPhone safe from certain things like bumps and scratches. Case Mate also has cases where you can put your own design or even picture on it. They are also affordable, ranging from only $10 to $50.

It is a very cheap case, but it can be very valuable if your phone is dropped. It can prevent your phone from breaking in a very subtle way. They are extremely trendy and are even more proficient.


QDOS cases able you to do many things allow you to move easier with your phones. Their best cases have shock ability materials and enhance your ability to hear your favorite songs or videos. Their cases has a subtle look to it that also seems trendy without overdoing it. Some of them have slick, shiny designs that are hard enough to prevent scratches and cracks. The simple designs is perfect if you don’t want to be overly fashionable. The cases are at a range of 10 to 50 dollars, making it very inexpensive.

Twelve South BookBook Case

The Twelve South BookBook Case has an exquisite design. They are designed like a small, pocket sized book. There are two different colors you can pick from, the colors it comes in are black and brown. Your iPhone will be protected between two hard covers that are beautifully designed, resembling and ancient antique book. It is a case and a wallet all in one making it handy to carry many stuff. With this case there will be no need for a wallet, you can fit all your personable items in it without it being too bulky. Their is even a little window for you to place your ID card in it to be easily displayed whenever you need it.

You can easily charge your phone and use it without having to take the case off. BookBook Case is also great to prevent thieves from trying to still your phone or money, because the unique design looks just like a book that no one will realize it’s not one. This case is greatly priced considering how efficient it is, it is only $60.

Rokform Rockbed Fuzion

The Rokform Rockbed Fuzion is a extremely nice looking case. It is made out of aluminum, giving it a very futuristic look. The aluminum case does leave some of the phone exposed including the Apple symbol and the iPhone symbol, which is great if you like people knowing that you’re a supporter of Apple and their products.

The Aluminum comes in different colors so if you don’t like the color of Aluminum don’t worry it comes in so many different colors including camouflage. The case also comes with a wristlet, so you can put it around your wrist if you don’t like to carry your phone. This is kind of expensive, at a price $80. Though this case is expensive it is worth buying.

As you can see there are many cases to choose from, but you will have to know what you want and do your research. Cases are great if you let other people use your phone, it makes life easier for you not to be constantly worried that someone will break, drop, or scratch your iPhone. Everyday people drop their iPhones with no cases on them having to spend money on new iPhones.

This is another reason why iPhone cases are so great, they will save you a lot of money by just having them. You will not have to buy something over again that you have just because it’s broken, dysfunctional, or cracked. Cases can still be very expensive but it is better than having to have to buy your iPhone again.

They are even cheaper than getting insurance for your phones, if you buy the right case for your iPhone you can avoid having to pay for your phone company’s insurance. They can even make your iPhone look better due to their different designs.

It is definitely worth investing in these cases. The cases stated above are some of the best iPhone cases around. There are many different cases and colors to pick from. If you can’t find the one you are looking for keep looking their is a case out there for everyone. Just find the one with the best qualities and quirks for you.

If you are on a budget try looking for something that is cheaper but is also good, remember more expensive doesn’t always mean better. You read more about  either of these cases at http://www.arizaimperial.com/


How to Buy an iPhone Protective Case – iPhone 4 & iPhone 5 Case Reviews

Given that the iPhone, despite being a fantastic smartphone, is still delicate – there is every need why every one of us needs to get a good iPhone protective case. You’ve probably come across a host of local retailers who’re merchandising some appealing cases at low prices. Well, while there is the one-on-one customer service when you are buying from a local store, it’s advisable that you opt for online stores. Many online sellers for iPhone 4 protective cases have a wide variety available for you to choose from, with high quality graphics that defines the subject case from all perspectives. There also other benefits those come from buying online. In this article, we look at why you should buy online, and how it’s important to consider iPhone 4 case reviews before you pay for anything.

Avoid Counterfeit Cases – iPhone 5 Case Reviews

Whenever you are in the market for an iPhone protective case, you must have it at the back of your mind that there’s a high likelihood you’ll buy a fake case. Considered that it’s really easy to make fake iPhone 5 or iPhone 4 protective cases, hundreds of sellers either knowingly or unknowingly selling counterfeit cases. While such a case tends to almost look the same as an original one, it offers third-grade protection for your smartphone, and almost certainly will wear out pretty soon. Counterfeit cases are not only available with a section of eBay sellers. Even a good number of the popular independent iPhone protective case sellers are likely to be involved in counterfeiting. The good thing is that when you buy online, and buy from a reputable seller, you can eliminate your chances of buying fake. Be sure to carefully inspect product graphics to make sure that they look original. iPhone 4 case reviews are perhaps your most important aid at avoiding the fake iPhone case booby-trap. Be sure to look at all the cases and inspect the reviews before you decide to buy any particular case.

A seller who sold a counterfeit, low-quality case to previous customer is likely to do the same for you. Reviews will allow you to get an insight into other users’ experience of the product and thus help you make a better informed purchase decision. Many creditable online sellers will allow their customers to leave an iPhone 5 cases review once they buy a particular iPhone 5 case. These reviews are your best friends. eBay, Amazon, Zazzle and Case Dealz, among many other renown sellers for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 protective cases have a reviews section. Be a little more careful when purchasing from eBay sellers.

Cost Advantage – iPhone 4 Protective Cases

In addition to the ‘iPhone 5 cases review’ advantage that you get when you choose to buy online rather than locally, you also get a cost advantage. Most online sellers for iPhone protective case products sell at competitive prices, especially compared to local stores. You can just pick the seller with the best price for the same product.

If you’re looking for iPhone 4 protective cases online, be sure to browse through a dozen or so iPhone 4 case reviews of the same product before you buy. Reading reviews is your best way of connecting, conversing and benefiting from users who share your best interests.